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Village Connect, the original community magazine, bringing local business to local villages

Bringing local business to local villages


Welcome to Village Connect, the original independent village community publication, bringing local business to local villages since April 2005.


Village Connect is published bi-monthly and hand delivered free of charge to more than 18,000 homes and businesses in 71 selected Northamptonshire villages, and has established itself as the premier notice board for businesses in the area.


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On 29th January a new telephone system
was launched to connect callers faster with
Samaritan volunteers. With CONNECT,
more callers will be getting through to
the volunteers, rather than hearing an
engaged tone, especially during the night
when there are fewer volunteers on duty;
if a volunteer is available to speak to them
somewhere in the country, they will get

Samaritans offer confi dential emotional
support to distressed, depressed,
bereaved and suicidal callers, 24/7, 365
days a year. You don’t need to be suicidal
to contact us.

In Kettering, we currently have about 70
listening volunteers who give up their time
freely and willingly to help those in distress.
In addition to daytime and evening duties,
each Samaritan volunteer is expected to
be on duty during the night. Our night
duties can be, and often are, very busy
as it is during the night when callers are
at their lowest and their fears, worries and
problems seem to be overpowering.

It is often easier for a caller to talk to a
completely anonymous volunteer and
reveal their most personal and distressing
thoughts, rather than offl oad to a family
member or friend for fear of worrying or
upsetting that person.

We can be contacted by ‘phone, email,
text or in person at our offi ce in Montagu
Street, Kettering, and are at the end of the
‘phone to listen and support our callers
but never to give advice.

It is by talking through problems and crises
that callers at the end of the conversation
which can be very lengthy, can see a
possible course of action which is right for

We offer follow-up calls in certain
circumstances and arrange to ring
the caller back to see how they are
progressing and, if the person is still
distressed, we may suggest we call again.
Our message to all callers is that we do
care, we are here for you and you are
never alone.

Whatever you’re going through, we’ll
go through it with you.
111 Montagu Street,
Kettering, NN16 8XJ
Tel: 01536 416999
08457 909 090
Text: 07725 909 090
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Wychwood Cabinet Makers

After years of advertising with not much success, the Village Connect was our last attempt. The results have been outstanding, with many enquiries which has boosted our business. We are very impressed with the professional image of the magazine.

Jon, Wychwood Cabinet Makers

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