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The peace and quiet of Lyveden is enhanced by the fresh air and sense of space that the winter season brings.  The tranquil setting against a wintery backdrop allows the mind to wander, providing time to think and reflect on the year ahead.  Young visitors can run around and let off some steam.  Enjoy the snowdrops as they begin to poke their heads above the ground, providing wonderful glimpses of white around the cottage garden and throughout the woods.

Love Lyveden Weekend

Saturday 10th &  Sunday 11th February, 11am to 4pm

Fall in love with Lyveden this weekend by exploring the beautiful grounds and stunning views, and learn more about how we look after this special place.  Warm up with a tasty treat in our cosy Cottage Tea Room.


For full details of events please visit: Lyveden, Harley Way, near Oundle, PE8 5AT  Tel: 01832 205158

 Lyveden Jan/Feb 2018