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It is now back to school and work after the summer holidays.  Some will be starting nursery, school, college, university or work for the first time - understandably apprehensive - others will return to familiar settings after a well-earned rest.   A season of change commences.  Many of us will no doubt have pondered over current lifestyle or direction of work, or simply contemplated where to turn next as our minds were given space to think and absorb new impressions over the summer.

Maybe you would like to set up on your own as Helen & Richard Freeman, the new tenants at The Star Inn in Geddington, see pages 8-9, or find inspiration from the Muddy Stillettos winners on page 66?  Perhaps a less drastic path is required: just taking up a new hobby or rekindling an old one?  You will find plenty of incentives on the pages ahead with art or history classes, badminton, dance or pilates sessions, or you can try out the new outdoor fitness equipment at Oundle Library, see page 56.

Art features high on the agenda in September in Market Harborough where the Arts Fresco 2017 street art festival returns, see pages 14-15, and Croft Wingates Gallery is re-launched as Wingates Gallery with new owners, see page 12.  Oundle is equally strong on the culture front with its Festival of Literature, see pages 62-63; Stahl Theatre performances, see pages 80-81; and Oundle School musical events, see pages 68-69, many of which are free.  Add to those, outdoor and indoor cinema screenings, see pages 92-93; dahlia festival at Kelmarsh, see page 46; or apple weekend at Lyveden, see page 42, and you will not be short of things to do as we inevitably head for the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.


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