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We badgers, including all our European
relatives have been on earth for some
250,000 years, surviving the natural changes
in time when the earth was covered in trees
and open plains.

Along with all the extremes of climate change
such as the ice age, we also had to share our
lives with brown bears and wolves. We still
share our lives, but we struggle to survive. Our
homes (setts) are being destroyed and our old
scent trails blocked. We are at risk every day
from roads and cars and there are many out
there who want us culled.


and lots of them who care about us and do
so much to ensure we do continue to survive.
They help us when we are sick and try to
protect our homes from diggers and planners.
Could you join these friends to help us live
safely and undisturbed?

Your local team of our friends, the North
Northants Badger Group would love to
hear from you. They need your skills and
enthusiasm, but not too much of your time.

Find out more about them by
looking at the website
or call Brian Sanders on
01536 481770 or 07835 967 953. 

Badgers need friends