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Ride and Stride 2017
Saturday 9th September,
10am to 6pm

The Northamptonshire Historic Churches
Trust’s major annual fund-raising event,
‘Ride and Stride’, is held on the second
Saturday of September each year.
Sponsored participants cycle or walk
between as many churches and chapels
as they choose. You can plan your own
route to visit over 350 churches and
chapels in Northamptonshire, open with a
warm welcome and refreshments at many.
Everyone who takes part says it is a most
enjoyable and friendly event, and the
funding raised really makes a difference to
the churches of Northamptonshire which
we all value.

Northamptonshire Historic Churches
Trust keeps its administrative costs to
an absolute minimum; all the work is
undertaken by volunteers. Half the money
raised by individual churches is returned
to the church raising the money and all the
money retained goes to helping with the
preservation of the wonderful inheritance
of Northamptonshire’s churches, many
now in very small communities. The total
raised for 2016 exceeded £34,400 plus
gift aid.

The Northamptonshire Historic Churches
Trust exists to make grants for the care of
churches in Northamptonshire. It is part
of a network of independent trusts in each
county, which together lobby nationally for
our unique heritage of places of worship.
In recent years, NHCT has made total
grants to Northamptonshire churches of
the order of £45,000 per annum. This has
really helped churches in their fund-raising
and made a significant improvement
to the fabric of those buildings, many of
which are supported by small, but loyal,
congregations. In addition to repairs to
the structure of churches and their fixtures
and fittings, such as monuments and
stained glass, the Trust has also assisted
in making the best use of churches for
today’s needs, with repairs to services,
and the installation of lavatories and

Sponsorship forms and a list of
open churches and chapels are
available from your local church
or the nhct website. 

Northamptonshire Historic Churches Trust