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Visiting a library for a keep-fit class
might sound a bit unusual but from
Friday 1st September there is going to
be a weekly class at Oundle Library,
running from 10-11am.

Personal trainer, Eddie McDonald, of
Embrace Fitness will be running an
outdoor circuit session that includes
using the fitness equipment in the library
garden, which was installed in July.
There are three machines: a chest press
& pull-down exerciser combo, a skier,
and a hand & pedal cycle.

The class is suitable for all levels
of fitness because everyone is able
to work to their own ability. Circuit
training combines strength, endurance
and cardiovascular exercise, and the
equipment in the library garden will be
an integral part of the workout and, more
importantly, it will be fun.

Funding for the equipment was obtained
by the Friends of Oundle Library
through a successful grant application
to the Northamptonshire Community
Foundation. The library garden is open
24/7 which means this is a great new
community facility for the town. The
equipment is suitable for use by young
teenagers (from age 14) to adults of all
ages. As it is so easy to operate it can
be used by complete novices as well as
experienced athletes. The equipment
is a permanent feature and free to use.

Come and take a look!

For more information about the keepfit
classes, contact Eddie McDonald at
Embrace Fitness by email on
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call him
on 07896 524 422. 

Get fit at Oundle Library