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Groococks introduces Padders
Padotics technology  which scans the foot
to assess where pressure is being
concentrated to offer people a support
that matches their requirements.

Anyone who has experienced foot
pain knows only too well how debilitating
it can be. If we can’t walk in comfort, we
are less likely to get out and about
and take part in the social activities or
daily exercise that is vital for our health
and well-being.

Padders has now developed a new range of orthotics, designed to fit their ‘Padotics friendly’ range
of Padders footwear.

The Padotics in-store orthotic pressure centre uses advanced
algorithms to choose your ideal prescription for immediate
fitting in your existing or new Padders footwear. The Padotics
identifies four possible types of correction with subtle and
tolerable contours. These help to relieve pain in the heel, pain
at the ball of the foot or pain from fallen arches. A podiatrist
will be in the store on Sunday 10th September, please call to
make an appointment.

Serving families for generations, Groococks has a wide range
for footwear for adults and children alike, with its in-house
feelgood café to offer you refreshments and relaxation while
you shop.

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