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At this exhibition, large scale, vibrant and dynamic art works will be on show, which were created at the ‘Living Lines’ Big Draw Event, at Geddington Brickyard Garden on the 22nd October. The ‘Living Lines’ event saw the public taking part in four drawing workshops held over the course of the day.

Each workshop explored different aspects of ‘Living Lines’: ‘Landlines and Skylines’, ‘Garden Lines’, ‘Human Lines’ and ‘Imagined Lines’ A variety of materials were used, such as graphite sticks, oil pastels, household paint and paint made from spices – but not all at once! Inspiration was taken from the ‘Living Lines’ of the countryside which surrounds the garden, the garden itself, human movement and the lines and movements within our imaginations and memories. The workshops were designed and led by artist Emma Davies.

As the drawings were being created, they were photographed and filmed by media artist Andy Eathorne. These still images were edited into stop frame animations and short films were also produced from the film footage; thus digital lines created from natural. These short animations and films will also be shown at the exhibition. If you missed the ‘Living Lines’ event in October and would like to experience a taster of the workshops, then there will be some smaller scale drawing activities available throughout the day on a drop-in basis, so just turn up!

Visitors will be able to ‘have a go’ at some of the materials used and use the drawings on display as inspiration for their own art works. In addition, there will be seasonal refreshments available throughout the day, plus an information stall all about Geddington Brickyard Garden, a local gem for the Geddington community.

The Big Draw, is an international event and was founded in 2000. It supports artists and also campaigns on the importance of drawing within education and is passionate about the ‘social, economic and health benefits that drawing can bring’. Inclusivity and providing opportunities that everyone can access is at the heart of all its events.

So come to Geddington Village Hall on Sunday 5th November, between 11.30am and 5pm for an Exhibition of Large Scale Community Drawings, Short Films and Animations, Drop-In Workshops, Refreshments and the GBG Information Stall. Up to date information can be found on the Geddington Brickyard Garden Facebook Page and on Geddington Village Website - 

Living Lines