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Some may have been lucky enough to get a puppy for Christmas and studies show it is never too early to begin training and socialising pups.  The earlier it is, the easier it is – by the time puppies are six months old they are the equivalent to a 12-year-old human. For the first time, national reward-based ‘Puppy School’ classes have reached the north of the county. 

Puppy School is a UKwide network of professional dog trainers who have been taught by renowned trainer and behaviour expert Gwen Bailey to promote the Puppy School philosophy, encouraging owners to reward dogs’ good behaviour and to protect pets from bad experiences.

Six weekly classes are now being run at Islip Village Hall, near Thrapston, by Puppy School tutor Heather Ward, and are based entirely on kind, gentle and effective methods. 

The classes show owners how to ensure their puppies become good-mannered, and well-balanced pets - friendly with adults, children and other dogs, and responsive to commands.  Designed to make training simple and to be fun for both owners and puppies, the reward-based classes are ideal for vaccinated puppies aged up to 20 weeks and teach owners and their pets how to enjoy a healthy and happy life together. 

The new classes for 2018 start on Wednesdays 3rd and 24th January and all puppies must be booked in in advance by emailing Heather on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or calling 07979 292166.

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