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Bewitched Café in Kettering has been shortlisted for a national breastfeeding award by local mothers. 

The awards have been designed by Lansinoh to celebrate places and people across the country supporting breastfeeding mums.   The award winner will be announced in March, so fingers crossed for our local coffee shop where the very friendly staff bring drinks over when mothers are feeding their babies in the comfortable seating. In 2015, 776,950 babies were born in the UK. 

Yet just 0.5% of UK mums are breastfeeding their new born at 12 months, despite recommendations from the World Health Organisation to continue breastfeeding into your baby's second year.  With British breastfeeding rates among the worst in the world, could the culprit be society’s attitudes towards breastfeeding?

To understand if there is a stigma attached to breastfeeding in public, Lansinoh conducted research to gauge public opinion.  The new research quashed common misconceptions, revealing that the over 65s are the most accepting and that men are more comfortable with it than women. 

Witnessing a woman breastfeeding in a café, restaurant or pub was uncomfortable for an average of 46% of people.  Despite the most comfortable public spaces being revealed as the great outdoors, a surprising percentage of people still felt uncomfortable at the park (17%) and beach (16%). The Feed With Confidence Awards recognise people and places that help to support mums and positively change perceptions. 

The awards are supported by the Lansinoh Feed With Confidence Ambassador: Al Ferguson of The Dad Network. For further information about Lansinoh, please visit feed-with-confidence

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