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“Stahl Theatre productions will continue in March and April. Themes of imagination, the subconscious and dreams are all apparent in this season’s programme, as are those of authority, politics and the power of the spoken word. Sprinkle in a little comedy and you have the kind of broad and far-reaching programme for which I hope the Stahl has become renowned.”
Theatre Director, Naomi Jones Red,

Red Shoes Thursday 8th through Saturday 10th March, 7.45pm Tickets £6 A civil war somewhere in Eastern Europe. Friends turn quickly to foes.  Franvera and her family flee into the mountains but are forced to separate.  As her world shatters, so does her mind.  Are the boots that surround her as close as they feel or as she fears?  Is that her father in the distance?  And what will she do when the tables are turned and vengeance is finally in her grasp? Originally commissioned by the Unicorn Theatre, London’s most renowned theatre for children, and based on Hans Christian Anderson’s well known fairy tale, Red, Red Shoes offers the perfect showcase for our young performers.  The piece uses movement, music and skilled ensemble playing to explore the traumatised mind of an innocent young girl as she tries to escape an adult conflict not of her making and beyond her control.

A Level Theatre Studies Friday 16th March, 7.45pm  Tickets £3 The A level Theatre Studies evening is always a highlight of the spring season.  It offers a unique opportunity to see some of Oundle’s most talented performers in a piece of work devised entirely by the pupils themselves.  Wide‑ranging in both subject matter and style, this year’s offerings promise to be as enthralling and thought‑provoking as ever.  In addition this year, Upper Sixth pupils will be performing extracts from a series of plays using the theme of “Freedom” as their stimulus.

Teechers Monday 19th March, 7.45pm Tickets £12, conc. £10 Blackeyed Theatre revives its highly‑ acclaimed production of John Godber’s classic comedy about life at a struggling ‘sink school’ for Mr Nixon, an unsuspecting new drama teacher.  Featuring breath‑taking ensemble performances and a bang‑up‑to‑date soundtrack, Teechers brings to life an array of terrifying teachers and hopeless pupils through the unique eyes of Salty, Gail and Hobby; three Year 11 students about to leave school for good.  Will Mr Nixon abandon his students for a green and pleasant grammar school?  Who puts the bounce in Miss Prime, the PE teacher?  Will Mrs Parry ever find her Koko?  And why does everyone smell of spring onions?  Crammed full of unforgettable characters, political left‑hooks and razor‑sharp comedy, Teechers is more relevant today than ever – a modern classic with something vital to say about education for the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’.  Suitable for age 11+

The Sleeper or WHAT happens when you  ask THEM to LEAVE Thursday 19th April, 7.45pm Tickets £12, conc. £10 An overnight train, somewhere through Europe.  Karina, a British writer, naively reports a woman sleeping in her bunk.  Forever connected by this simple action, these two women are played and replayed in the mind of a writer who examines the stories we tell each other and how we choose to tell them.  This innovative new play weaves together the real testimony of Syrian refugees and the personal experience of writer Henry C Krempels.  “Darkness can do strange things to your mind. It’s so easy to make a mistake.”  Dark, weird and original, The Sleeper, describes a situation familiar to the thousands of refugees who become stuck somewhere between leaving home and finding a new one.


TICKETS FROM: The Stahl Theatre, West Street, Oundle. Box Office: 01832 273930 • e: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Events at Oundle’s Stahl Theatre Mar/Apr 2018

Events at Oundle’s Stahl Theatre Mar/Apr 2018