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Older children in Northamptonshire urgently need foster carers. Can you help shape their future?

Finding foster families for older children is a top priority as we need foster carers to give local children aged between 11 and 18 the supportive homes they need. These children are at a crucial stage in their lives and just like younger children they need care and support. Fostering older children and teenagers has quite specific benefits for people who prefer not to have the physical dependencies of a baby or toddler and who’d enjoy interaction with a young person. Here’s what foster carers say about fostering older children: “It fits in perfectly with our own older children.  Just simple things like being able to watch the same age film, going to bed at similar times”. “Since my children left home and went to university, I am now able to offer a young person the same support I gave to my own children”.

By giving these children a home in your family you’ll be making a huge difference to their future and in return, you’ll have a hugely rewarding career. “My foster carers love me to pieces, they take good care of me, feed me, clothe me and I get to do things I never would at home”.  Young person – aged 16 years. “They are always there for me when I need them most. They have helped me get into college, fulfil my potential and my dream”.  Young person – aged 18. If you could help shape the future for our young people we would love to hear from you!

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 Find Me a Family

 Find Me a Family