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Storm in a D Cup! is a blow-by-blow account of Raunds resident Debbie Paton's journey through breast cancer.  It is a candid account of the year between her initial diagnosis of lobular cancer in April 2016 and her full recovery.

When she was first diagnosed, Debbie wrote notes in a diary, but her daughter Georgia dragged her into the 21st century by convincing her to write a blog that could be shared with a wider audience.  The blog soon became Debbie's cathartic writing; it gave her the freedom to express the rollercoaster of emotions as they happened, the good, the bad and the irrational. 

She shared her entries on social media for her friends and family to follow – it took the pressure off endless update phone calls!

This is a no holds barred account of the mix of emotions, the highs and lows of the journey.  It is not about doom and gloom, but rather the realities of the journey and the experiences Debbie had along the way.  It is at times poignant and highly sensitive, at others, filled with laughter and fun.  It was a year that shaped her life into something different.

It is Debbie’s hope that her experiences can help others by alleviating some of the fear surrounding a breast cancer diagnosis.  If she could have read a similar book before starting her own journey, Debbie feels certain she would have been far less fearful of what lay ahead. 

Everyone's path will be different, but there are elements of her experience that will resonate with others in the same position.  Debbie enjoys her family and is grateful for every day she is still her.  Having spent much of her working life in floristry, she retrained as a counsellor and works in the field of substance misuse.

Storm in a D Cup! is available from Amazon as a paperback and on Kindle.


Storm in a D-Cup