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Discover the history of the First World War through the collections at Rockingham Castle every Tuesday & Sunday until to 30th September 2018.  The exhibition & activities will run alongside Rockingham Castle’s general open days as well at no extra cost.

For the first time Rockingham will be displaying items from the Saunders Watson private collection to support the Royal British Legion & Seafarers UK to honour the families naval history.

The exhibition will showcase Rockingham’s ties at home and abroad and highlight the changes in the early 20th century.  Items will be on display for all visitors to see. To accompany the exhibition a detailed leaflet, produced in collaboration with KandaPrint, will be available for purchase with all proceeds going directly between the two charities.

Alongside this, there will be a children’s activity booklet to help children learn the history of the war, what happened, memorable figures and why we still remember them.

Admission will be  £12 for adult,  children £7.50 and under 4s are free 

Rockingham & the First World War