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Welcome to the July and August column - whether we’ll have another heatwave this year is anyone’s guess, but we’ve got our barbecue primed and ready just in case!

Village Connect’s pages are always packed with loads of information about forthcoming events, fêtes and festivals.  Having had personal experience of last year’s, I can certainly recommend Corby’s Grow Festival, taking place on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th July.

Made In Corby and The Core At Corby Cube will be hosting this event, which is planning to fill Corby Town Centre with a wide range of performances, activities and experiences. Continuing to look at the essential ingredients for growth, the 2019 festival will explore ‘Food’, celebrating all things culinary.

Last year’s Grow was themed around ‘Water’, and my family and I participated in one of the street performers’ acts, having been randomly plucked from the audience. We helped with The Maritime Show, featuring a pair of pirates, which took place outside The Paletto Lounge and Corby Radio. 

Firstly my daughter had to confirm that the eggs being used for their juggling act were real, by shaking one, listening to it and then cracking it open on my head - she, quite wisely, refused the last part! I then had my mind read in an amazing feat of telepathy using cards - the pirate quite rightly said that I wasn’t thinking of the ace of hearts. But it was my husband who had a starring role. 

He was apparently selected from the crowd because he was tall, bronzed and looked like a Greek god from the island of Domestos, or
so the pirates said.  This made me laugh heartily (perhaps a little too heartily in husband’s eyes!). He then had to become the glamorous assistant who held a seven feet high unicycle steady while the pirate climbed aboard, using husband as a human ladder. 

After this he had to throw three cutlasses at the pirate, who then proceeded to juggle them from his unicycle.  Husband received a well-deserved round of applause for his gallant efforts from the gathered crowd. I can’t wait to see what this year’s event will bring - but fun for all the family is guaranteed!  Pop along to Corby Town Centre and find out for yourselves.

Have a great Summer, thanks for reading, Hx

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 Our Corner of Northamptonshire by Helen Bach July 2019