After seven years of building a successful business working in partnership with Bio Sculpture, Jo Jones has recently created a new salon with two nail stations for manicures and pedicures.

The salon based in a garage conversion sits in a quiet location in Denford, with ample parking and beautiful views over the fields.  From here, Jo and her team apply the super shiny Bio Sculpture Gel, which protects and strengthens the natural nail in the process.

Each of the four gel layers is LED-cured, making them touch dry in just 30 seconds.  Bio Sculpture Gel, which is available in more than 100 different colours, is so durable that it usually lasts for up to three weeks with no chipping at all.  The 5* safety rated and clinically tested Bio Sculpture Gel is applied with minimal buffing and no primers or bonders, so there is absolutely no danger of dehydrating the natural nail.  It is also one of the few gels on the market that can have nail art embedded into it and then be sealed to protect the gems. 

At Your Fingertips also offers IBX treatment for weak and damaged nails.

For further details, please visit the facebook page or call Jo on 07969 558 604. 

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